What Is The Best Sex Toys

Have you ever wondered if sex toys reviewers actually test the sex toys that they write about? I know that many of my London escorts friends and clients rely on sex toys reviews before they go ahead and buy a sex toy. But, whenever I read a sex toy review, it does make me wonder if the sex toy in question has actually been tested by the reviewer. Do I test sex toys? When I buy a new sex toy for myself or a friend at London escorts, I always make sure that I buy a sex toy that has been tried and tested by me.  

Can you sell sex toys reviews? You can sell almost anything online. One of my girlfriends at London escorts writes sex toys reviews. She has hooked up with a  major manufacturer of sex toys. When she has a couple of days off from London escorts, she spends time in front of her lap-top and writes sex toys reviews. When she has written a review, she sells them to sites that specialise in selling sex toys. She does very well out of her London escorts’ sideline.  

When it comes to adult entertainment, there are many ways of making the most out of this particular line of business. Not only do London escorts use sex toys, but many of us visit some of the best adult clubs in London. Often when I visit an adult club in London, I like to write a review. I get in touch with the club and tell them that I have written a review about them. Some are interested in paying for the reviews and others are not. That is fine. In general, I would say that most business people appreciate a review.  

What about pornos? The problem is that there are many private porn producers out there. I am not that sort of girl who like to review privately made pornos. I do make an exception when I know that one of my London escorts friends have made a porno. In that case, I will often help my friend out and write a review about the porno that she has made. Hopefully, it will help her. But, most of the time, I have to admit that I only review professional movies.  

So, should we trust reviews? I think that there are many reviews that are genuine. If you are thinking about investing in a very expensive sex toy, it is a good idea to get in touch with the manufacturer. They often can hook you up with a genuine review as far as that particular sex toy is concerned. I know some London escorts who have bought some very expensive sex toys. Before they invested in them, they did get in touch with the manufacturer and asked for a link to a genuine review. Good quality manufacturers will always point you in the right direction of a review which has been written by someone who tried the sex toy.

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