Should I Ditch My Man?

I am beginning to think that leaving London escorts for a guy 60 years old was the wrong thing to do. When we first met at charlotte escorts, his lifestyle seemed really attractive to me. I thought it was fun to go to the spa while he played around of golf with his friends. Afterward, we used to meet in the clubhouse and enjoy a bottle of champagne.

It was great at first, but I soon started to miss my friends back at London escorts. When he asked me to leave London escorts to spend time with him, I did jump at the chance. I wanted to do the things he was could do thanks to all of the money that he had amassed during his professional career. We traveled so much in the first couple of months that it felt like my feet never touched the ground. When I got back home, I used to reconnect with the girls at London escorts quickly, and it was clear they were as excited about my relationship with him as I was and thought that I was the luckiest girl in the world. Yes, it is nice to have a “boyfriend” who has got lots of money, but the truth is that things can get boring. When I went out for nights out with my friends at London escorts, I loved being silly and getting drunk.

Since I left London escorts, I have not had so much “girlie” fun. My partner’s idea of a good time is going out to have a nice meal, a couple of drinks, and then it is back home to bed with a hot chocolate. Not really what I call the perfect finish to a night out but there you go. Sure, I love going shopping, but even that is not the same as going shopping with my London escorts friends. We used to stop and have coffee and stuff like that, but that does not happen anymore. I really do appreciate what I call my high roller credit card which does not seem to have a limit. But, let’s face it, there are only so many clothes that you can buy, and ultimately that is not what the shopping experience is all about. It is more about having fun for a girl my age.

Still, I am reluctant to walk out on my man. It has to do with security. I did really well when I worked for London escorts, and I have my own place which is rented. But, I have not had to worry about a thing since I left. Everything that I need seems to land at my feet and I only have to look at something once and he buys it for me. I have all of the best medical care, and when it all comes down to it, my life is very easy. It would be great if it was a little bit more exciting in some ways, but I guess my lifestyle does more than compensate for that. As they say, you can’t have it all.

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