Maximum Pleasure With Escorts

People always aim for what is best for them and what makes them happy. Well, escorts in London are just one of them, and they are still a phone call away. Men will always get satisfied if they get what they needed. However, when it comes to sexual life, most men want the momentum level of pleasure in a longer duration of time that will nourish into their whole system. So, how will one last long in bed with an escort in London and still get maximum pleasure? Here are some of the ideal tips that will help you out.

• Try different sex positions.

When you get yourself an escort in London, you can enjoy your sex session by trying out different sex positions. The various sex positions can help your muscles relax and draw away any excessive pressure you might be having. This will also aid in controlling premature ejaculation. With this, you will have the guarantee of lasting longer.

• Masturbate before meeting the escort.

It is apparent that reaching an ejaculation an hour before sex will take it longer for the man to reach his orgasm. This means that you can delay your orgasm when having sex with the escort if you masturbate earlier. You will be able to match the rhythm of your partner and focus on getting pleasure. Your next orgasm will be intense!

• Use sex toys.

One of the ideal sex toys that can help you last longer with an escort in London precisely if you are unable to maintain an erection for long is the cock ring. Now, here’s the real deal. The cock ring works by slowing down the flow of blood between cock and the rest of your body hence helping you erect for longer.

• Whisper sweet nothings in her ear.

Compliments will always make sex more erotic. Virtually, all women get the feeling of love and pleasure through their ears. An escort can gain much arousal just by hearing compliments and playful teasing. Tell her what works for you and you will get it more.

• Simple breathing.

Breathing solves many things in life, and so is when it comes to helping you last longer in bed. When you get down to sex with an escort, start by slowing down your breath. This simple method will help you slow down the speed of things and focus on what makes you enjoy in sex.

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